About Us

Greg Hamilton, MSc. 

Lyndsay Wright, M.C.

I am a Registered Psychologist working with clients within Edmonton and the surrounding area.  I believe strongly that all individuals have the power to create change in their lives.  Everybody can benefit from counselling services; we all have something about our lives we would like to be different.  Often, talking it out and working with someone outside of our social network can give new insight and perspective.  I work from a person-centered approach: all people bring a unique set of skills that can be emphasized and encouraged.  A team approach where clients are able to take the lead offers the most positive outcomes in counselling.  
For several years, I have spent my time working with children, teens, adults and families in a number of community settings.  For many of those years, I have spent my time studying and practicing animal assisted therapy.  While not an appropriate approach for everyone, counselling with animals can provide an alternative to traditional talk therapy.  

My qualifications include the following: Bachelor of Arts from the University of Alberta; Animal-Assisted Therapy Certification from Oakland University; and a Master’s degree in Counselling from Athabasca University.  I am a member in good standing with the Psychologists Association of Alberta and the College of Alberta Psychologists. Feel free to connect with me for more information on my professional qualification or counselling approach.  Contact Lyndsay: info@summitcs.ca

Angela Das, M.C.

Summit CS uses an eclectic approach to counselling.  We believe everyone is unique and brings a different foundation of experience and skills to the collaborative process at Summit. We strive to provide counselling services that fit each individual.  Summit CS integrates ideas from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Person-Centered and Mindfulness practices, to name just a few.  The goal at Summit is to find a counselling plan that works best for each individual. 

Catherine Forth, M.C.


Penny, my trained therapy dog, is a 4-year-old terrier mix who was adopted from a community rescue agency.  Penny was originally a foster pup who won the hearts of her owners and quickly became a permanent member of the family.  Penny loves interacting with people; is a patient listener and enjoys playing with her toys in her down time. 

I am a fully registered psychologist in Alberta.  I have worked in prison/correctional settings with severe populations.  I have also worked as a family therapist with youth addiction populations.  I have taken quite a variety of roles in my profession on the front lines of mental health in a career spanning 10+ years.  My area of expertise is working in community mental health encouraging clients and empowering them to utilize all their skills and resources available.  I take a highly strength-based, motivational, solution-focused approach.  I'll often spend considerable time with you exploring your core beliefs because I think those have a massive impact on how we feel and what we do!

I received a bachelor or arts in applied psychology from Concordia University.  I have a masters of science in marital and family therapy from Loma Linda University.  I am a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists.  I sit on the board for the Community Psychology Practice Council, and on the board for the Edmonton-zone Psychology.   Contact Greg: greg@summitcs.ca

I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist working in the Edmonton area. Deciding to go to therapy can be a difficult step, so it is very important to me that I provide a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental space for you to explore whatever brings you to counselling. As a strength-based counsellor, my goal is to empower and support you in finding solutions to, or new ways of looking at, your concerns. In a therapy session with me, I will work with you to discover what skills and resources you bring to the table and support you in figuring out how to use them to live a happier and healthier life. People are not “one size fits all” so I use a variety of therapies to help my clients achieve their goals, including Solution Focussed Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Narrative Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). 

I have a background in education, so prior to getting my Masters in Counselling from City University of Seattle, I spent several years working in post-secondary as a resource to adults with a variety of disabilities and mental health concerns. I am a member in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists. My interests lie in working with adults with a range of concerns including, ecogrief, depression, anxiety, grief, self-esteem, trauma, sexual violence, life transitions, relationships/communication, and infertility. Please contact me if you have any questions about what to expect during your session. 
​Contact Catherine: catherine@summitcs.ca

Meet The Team

I am a registered psychologist practicing in the Edmonton area.  I also like to volunteer regularly with the surrounding communities.  One of my true passions is in helping people achieve a better life, whatever that may look like to them.  I am honoured to be a co-pilot in each person's journey and strive to help him/her/them stay in the captain's chair.  My approach is thus client-centered, with a focus on bringing out the strengths in each person.  I feel that all of our situations and outlooks are unique and therefore deserve a treatment plan that will cater to those differences.  When not helping others, I like to keep myself healthy through working out and spending time with my family.  

I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts through the University of Alberta, followed with my Master's in Counselling through the University of Athabasca.  My membership is in good standing with the College of Alberta Psychologists.  Contact Angela: angela@summitcs.ca